The best Chefs are 100% committed to the experience they create for thier customers. Having experienced this commitment first hand, our founder, award winning Chef and Customer Experience expert James Scutt has identified 6 rules that take learnings from professional kitchens into modern Customer Experience.

Mise en place, pronunced ​[mi zɑ̃ ˈplas], is a French culinary phrase meaning to "putting in place". It refers to the advanced preparation required before cooking.

The follow on phrase "you can't out cook bad preparation" is particually apt in the customer experience world, meaning nothing you can do will make up for poor preparation and planning.

Professional Chefs know there is only one way of doing things, the correct way!

Just as in products or processes that make up a customers experience, cut corners and your customers will know instantly.

Any Chef knows that you cant just rock up and start creating great food.

As a trainee Chef the phrase "get the basics right" really counts and you will spend years understanding and putting into practice, the core skills that will shape the food you serve to customers and your career as a Chef.

There is no room for compromise! Quality will win through, full stop.

Complex dishes require every element to be given 100% focus, attention to detail and a commitment to quality needs to see only the best food leave the pass.

The same should apply to the work that leaves your desk!

Dedicated lessons on kinfe skills see professional Chefs really now what they are doing. Selecting the right knife for the job in hand is vital and knowing how to use each knife is crucial.

The business world has plenty of comparisons, for example "Excel is not a database!"

At the heart of great customer experience is communication between humans, whether that happens face to face or through digital channels, it needs to be right.

Professional kitchens thrive on great communication, each area of the kitchen co-ordinates with the others. How else could the timing of your multi-course meal work so well.

The is no place for siloed working, just true collaboration for the collective good of your customers experience.